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Salary Negotiation Masterclass

In Mary's highly demanded Salary Negotiation Masterclass she'll teach you....
1. How to talk to your boss to get a raise
2. What to do if your co-worker makes more than you (doing the same exact job)
3. How to talk about Salary in an interview
4. What you need to do FIRST before you talk about Salary with your boss
5. What is negotiable and non-negotiable

BONUS: Mary's Exclusive Salary Formula Worksheet - Learn how to determine what you can afford to make for any position in any industry.

Short Professional Bio

Order a Professionally Written Short Bio you can use on your website, LinkedIn page, author's bio and more!

90 Minute Intensive

- 90 minute career coaching session with expert career coach Mary D
- Exclusive 12-month Career Planning Workbook
- Resume Revision/Cover Letter
- VIP access to Private Facebook Group
- Weekly Career Success Tip Newsletter (Exclusive to clients only)

5-week Business Coaching Class

5-Week One-On-One Coaching
Defining Your Purpose for your business
Goal Setting
Branding/Clarity on messaging
5 coaching sessions (60 minutes)
Two additonal 15-minute Emergency Coaching Sessions

10-Week Career Coaching

10-Week One-On-One Coaching
Defining Your Purpose
Goal Setting
Personal Branding
Customized RoadMap for Success
10 coaching sessions (60 minutes)
Three additional 15-minute Emergency
Coaching Sessions

Career Workbook Download

In this workbook, Mary has given you a step-by-step action plan to help you create the career you'll love. This workbook will challege you to be specific about your goals, hold yourself accountable and think realistically about developing a solid network to help you achieve success.